Advanced Cooperating Teachers

  • The Advanced Cooperating Teacher’s overall role is to encourage the development and growth of the student teacher. The role is critical in guiding new teachers to further develop their planning, instruction, and content knowledge. Advanced Cooperating Teachers will improve the student teaching experience with effective feedback, co-teaching, planning, and communication. 


    FPS Advanced Cooperating Teachers are a cadre of skilled, experienced teacher leaders engaged in one-on-one mentoring with pre-service teachers.  Cooperating Teachers conference, model, co-teach, observe, and support areas that are challenging for pre-teachers.  Cooperating Teachers use support tools to guide conversations and participate in job-embedded professional development to further their mentoring, facilitation, and leadership skills. 

    Time Commitment:

    1. Attend the two-day summer training and two after school sessions in the fall or spring.
    2. Provide weekly support using a variety of strategies focused on pre-service teacher needs.
    3. Provide minimum of 3-4 classroom observations and feedback throughout the semester
    4. Complete all paperwork and online documentation 


    • Minimum of 3 years teaching experience in the subject area in which your student teacher is earning their certification
    • Current principal's recommendation
    • Signed Cooperating Teacher Agreement 
    • Dispositions
      • Openness to receive feedback and coaching for professional growth 
      • Communicates hope and optimism
      • Commitment to closing the achievement gap
      • Strong communication and active listening skills
      • Credibility with peers and administrators
      • Demonstrate outstanding instructional practice and expertise in designing and implementing standards-based instruction

    Advanced Cooperating Teacher Form

    Advanced Cooperating Teacher Training and Coaching