Parent Committee

  • Indian Education Parent Committee

    Involving our Native American parents/guardians, and students in the planning and the execution of all program activities and issues.

    Representatives from both school districts are invited to attend the Parent Committee meetings.  These meetings are parent led.

    Meetings are held every month at the Agassiz Building, located at 1305 9th Avenue South Fargo. Dates and times will be posted in our monthly newsletter, Facebook page, and website.

    All position serve as representatives for the Indian Education Parent Committee and help meet program goals through the planning of events and activities.

    See the meeting schedule below.


    The Parent Committee:

    Chairperson- Melanie Bald Eagle

    Vice-Chairperson- Jennifer Buckley

    Secretary- April Graves

    Student Representative- Janey Blakely

    School Representative- FPS, Jack Raaen

    Member at Large- Amber Mattson

    Member at Large- Jera Silk

    Community Member- Dakota Harmon