Advisor Groups

  • Eielson Today
      - Josh Rudie (Email)

    Homework Room
      - TBD

    Student Council
      - Josh Rudie (Email)
      - Alicia Collins (Email)

Academic Co-Curricular Activities

  • Debate
      - Leah Juelke (Email)

      - Gayle Hyde (Email)
      - Tara Spletstoser (Email)

    Student Congress
      - Gayle Hyde (Email)


  • Musical Director
      - Max Nielsen

    One Act Play
      - Max Nielsen

    Music - Choir
      - Renae Hansen (Email)
      - Lauren Brandenburg (Email)
    Cantabile Choir - Renae Hansen (Email)
    6th Grade Honor Choir - Renae Hansen (Email)

    Music - Band
      - Beth Ferguson (Email)
      - Patrick Thiel (Email)
      - Iliya Hoffert (Email)
      - Nicole Skifton (Email)
    Jazz Band - Patrick Thiel (Email)

    Music - Orchestra
      - Ann Schuler (Email)
    Chamber Orchestra - Ann Schuler (Email)

Co-Curricular Clubs

  • Art Club
      - TBD

    Book Club
      - Melanie Van Soelen (Email)

    Jr. Bruin Power
      - TBD

    Lego League
      - Alexis Yokom (Email)

    Math Club
      - Amber Allebach (Email)


Non-Curricular Clubs/Intramural Activities

  • Intramural Activities
    Grades 6-8 will meet daily for intramural activities from 8:00-8:35 a.m.  Examples of intramural activities include weight room, basketball, soccer, floor hockey, kickball/matball, dodge ball, whiffle ball, football, flag football, volleyball and table tennis.
    Del Lewis (Email)
    Alex Renner (Email)
    Matt Beehler (Email)
    Amer Vatres (Email)