Advisor Groups

  • Student Ambassadors
      - Jessica Rice (Email)
      - Sarah Klimek (Email)

    Student Leadership
      - Heather Miller (Email)
      - Lannette Christmann (Email)
      - Holly Fiechtner (Email)

      - Sara Soroka (Email

Academic Co-Curricular Activities

  • Debate - North High School
      - Clover Ellingson (Email)
      - Website

    Speech - North High School
      - Clover Ellingson (Email)
      - Website

    Student Congress - North High School 
      - Clover Ellingson (Email)
      - Website



  • Musical Director
      - Andrea Greenawalt (Email)
    Performance: TBD

    One Act Play
      - TBD
    Performance: TBD

    Music - Choir
      - Andrea Greenawalt (Email)
    6th Grade Show Choir - Andrea Greenawalt (Email)
    Show Choir - Andrea Greenawalt (Email)

    Music - Band
      - Shawn Brekke (Email)
      - Kirstin Carlson (Email)
      - Andrew Roob (Email)
    Jazz Band - Shawn Brekke (Email)
    Roobinators - Andrew Roob (Email)

    Music - Orchestra
      - Jennie Dahl (Email)
      - Brandon Ruef (Email)
    Crystal Strings - Jennie Dahl (Email) & Brandon Ruef (Email)

Co-Curricular Clubs

  • Art Club
      - TBD

    Math Counts
      - TBD

    Science Olympiad
      - Theresa Nygaard (Email)
      - Sara Clites (Email)

Non-Curricular Clubs/Intramural Activities

  • Chess Club

    Intramural Activities Grades 6-8
    Intramurals will meet daily from 7:45-8:40 a.m.  Attendance is not mandatory, but if students choose to participate, they must be in the gym by 8:15 a.m. each day.
    Intramural activities are subject to change based on student interest and weather.  Activities may include kickball, whiffle ball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, flag football, hula-hoops, jump rope, Frisbee, 4-square, handball, cardio exercise machine and weight training.