Hello Parents!

    This year's fundraiser will be with PushSave and will start October 15th and run through October 31st.  The money raised will help the SYBA, as a non-profit, offset the costs of running the organization and paying for scholarships for those that wish to participate regardless of their financial situation.

    Here is a quick video but if you want any more information please feel free to email me at stacey@pushSave.com!

    45 Second Video Introduction


    Here is what you WON'T need to do:

    1. Deliver product.
    2. Collect Money
    3. Go door to door taking orders.

    With no money to handle or product to handle, this is an easy way to help alleviate the cost of registration this year or carry it over for next year.  In order for our communications to make sense, please do the following ASAP:

    1. Register your child as a seller for the fundraiser via text or computer:

    Join via cell phone:

    Text syba to 555-888 - follow the link to create an account and join the fundraiser. If you already have a      PushSave account with the email and password you chose, just login.  Otherwise, create a PushSave            account.  This will take you about 1 minute but must be done asap in order for our communications to          make sense! 

    Join via computer:

    Register for PushSave Here!!

     That is it!  Your child is ready for the fundraiser!


    Any questions regarding the registration process can be sent to stacey@pushsave.com