Early Childhood Task Force

  • The Early Childhood Task Force had an objective to determine the services needed to support preschool students within the Fargo Public Schools and to purposefully connect preschool education and the Early Childhood Special Education program.  The task force defined the type of services needed, including staffing, curriculum, community partnerships, environmental spaces and environmental furniture and fixtures.  Furthermore, the task force discussed where and how the services will occur and the costs associated with these services.  The task force developed recommendations to forward to the FPS School Board. 

    The Early Childhood Task Force met during fall 2018 on the following dates:

    • Thursday, October 11
    • Monday, October 22
    • Monday, November 5
    • Monday, November 26

    The meetings were held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in The Loft at Agassiz.  The meetings were facilitated by Dr. Bob Grosz, Fargo Public Schools associate superintendent.

Task Force Members

  • Amy Anderson
    Jill Arneson
    Jamie Benson
    Alexis Rinas
    Val Bakken
    Penny Jo Bruggeman
    Rebecca Campbell
    Amanda Carlson
    Becky Eberhardt
    Missy Eidsness
    Jennifer Frueh
    Tara Fuhrer
    Rupak Gandhi
    Bob Grosz
    Debra Habedank
    Jane Hella
    Tom Hill
    Jim Johnson
    Maren Jystad-Spar
    Dawn Kruckenberg
    Shannon Larson
    Jordan Metz
    Bobby Olson
    Lindsey Perrine
    Jeff Reznecheck
    Brenda Ruehl
    Patty Cummings
    Linda Sakrismo
    Carole Schalow
    Cailin Shovkoplyas
    Lorrie Thoemke
    Laurie Vesledahl
    Ann Werlinger

October 22 Meeting