Parent Information

  • Your child is in what?

    Whether your child is an actor, a techie, or a musician in the pit crew, you are enthusiastically welcomed as a member of the "Proud Eagles" Davies Theatre Parent Group.  The goal of this parent group is to provide a great foundation and support system for the Davies Theatre program.

Participation Eligibility

  • In order for students to participate in Rehearsals and Performances, they must meet these critieria:

    Standard Eligibility Rules for participation in Davies Activities:

    • A student must attend a full day of school in order to perform or attend a rehearsal.
    • Scholastic eligibility: A high school student shall be doing passing work in at least twenty hours per week, with the passing grade to be computed at the end of the first and third quarter grading periods in addition to each semester grading period.
      • It should be noted that administration checks the grades the week of performances to be sure all of our students are on track and eligible to participate.
    • Disciplinary Eligibility:  Students who engage in acts that require disciplinary action may not be able to audition, practice, or perform depending on the severity of the incident.
      • Any participant who receives an out-of-school suspension or expulsion shall be ineligible for participation, including practices, during the period of suspension or expulsion. Participants shall be eligible to participate when they are readmitted to school.
      • Any issue regarding courts or police action will carry a 6-18 week penalty which allows practices but no performances.


    If your student meets the eligibility rules for participation, their hours as volunteers, crew, or cast members can count towards lettering in Theatre. The follow spreadsheet can be used to track their hours and determine how close they are toward this goal.

    Standard lettering form Davies Theatre

Volunteer Opportunities

  • It's no secret that parental involvement is one of the keys to our children's success.  Davies theatre offers many ways for parents to help.

    The Proud Eagle Parent Group of Davies Theatre was established in 2011 when Davies High School first opened.  The group exists to support Rebecca Saari, Brian Lynch and other directors during each performance and throughout the year. Some of the duties the group has taken on include:

    * Holding a Fall fundraiser and ice cream social during Cabaret Night

    * Communicating with all parents regarding rehearsal schedules, parent meetings, ticket sales

    * Providing meals during Tech Week

    * Operating the Box Office and Will Call tables prior to and during performances

    * Selling flowers and concessions during performances

    * Creating the posters used to advertise the plays

    * Coordinating poster distribution with cast, crew and parents

    * Purchasing gifts for the directors and student directors

    * Advertising the performances

    * Creating a playbill for each play

    * Special fundraisers if needed


    Open and Available Positions

    As with any parent group there are always students that graduate and as much as we would like to keep the parents, they seem to also 'graduate' with their students. Currently 2017/2018 is filled. Thank you to all the existing and future parent volunteers.


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