Cabaret Night

  • Cabaret 2017


    Jazz Band Feature Song 


    Tainted Love

    Lead Singers: Josie and Hannah

    Dancers: Grace, McKenna, Katie, Katlyn, Astrid, Jason, Carson, Braden, Jack Lingle, Jack Libner

    Money (That's What I Want)

    Lead Singer: Matt

    Back-up Singers: Avery, Emily Dun., Amelia, Tryniti, Emily S

    Come On Eileen 

    Quartet: Caleb, Braden, Brennan, Seaver

    Jazz Band Feature Song TBD


    Cats In The Cradle

    Soloist: Logan

    Knock On Wood

    Trio: Josie, McKenna, Jaylen


    Quartet: Avery, Katlyn, Kathryn, Megan F

    Back-up Singer: Matt


    Lead Singer: Bryce

    Back-up Singer/Dancers: Grace, McKenna, Jaylen, Josie, Tryniti, Emily P, Emily H, Amanda C, Jallison, Clare E, Ashlyn S, Emily S

    Who Let The Dog's Out

    All Freshman and Sophmores

    Jazz Band Feature: Puttin On The Ritz

    Dancers: All Juniors and Seniors



    Early Bird Jazz Feature: Funky Town


    Call Me Maybe

    Soloist: Amelia


    Soloist: Zack

    Dancers: All Girls (Except Katie and Amelia)

    Ooh Child

    Soloist: Katie

    I'm Goona Be (500 Miles)

    Quartet: Zack, Braden, Josh, Caleb

    Back-up: Gabe G, Jack L, Jack L, Laszlo, Brennan

    Jazz Band Feature Song (TBD)


    To Be With You

    Singers: Zack, Calen, Jaylen, Katie, Amelia

    Final Countdown

    Lead Singer: Hannah

    Air Guitarist: Logan and Nate

    Back-up: ALL