Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ Image What is MTSS?

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a framework to provide all students with the best opportunities for academic and behavioral success in school. MTSS focuses on providing high-quality instruction and interventions matched to student need and monitoring progress to make decisions about changes in instruction.  

    Why does Fargo Public Schools use MTSS?

    Fargo Public Schools believes in a systemic and systematic approach to support students’ unique learning styles and needs to show continued growth towards grade level standards. This approach ensures the district has a process to identify and support those who need extra help.

    Who do I talk to if my child needs help?

    All schools have an MTSS team who reviews relevant student information and uses that information to suggest appropriate educational support in order to help students reach grade level expectations. Parents are invited to visit with their child’s teacher, counselor, or administrator to discuss concerns.

    When does the screening taking place?

    All Fargo Public Schools students in grades 6-10 participate in the Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) testing for both reading and mathematics. These results determine which students need an additional assessment also known as the diagnostic screener specific to the appropriate intervention. Students who are new to Fargo Public Schools take the MAP Screening in reading and math at the time of registration.

    Additional diagnostic assessments are implemented based on student progress, MAP, and NDSA scores to assist in placement recommendations. Students who are in the programs take regular assessments to monitor progress. Future placement is based on most recent test scores, past performance, and teacher recommendation.

    What are the benefits of an MTSS intervention course?

    The research-based intervention courses provide specific instruction at the student’s current level to enhance the academic and/or behavioral needs of the student. The MTSS process involves the students, parents, and staff. It allows for continual documentation and discussion of progress in planning for future courses.

    How does MTSS differ from special education?

    MTSS interventions are designed to meet the needs of all students who are performing below grade level proficiency on specific learning targets and are part of the general education program. Special education services are provided to students via individualized education plans (IEPs), legal documents, that are a result of extensive assessment typically beyond the MTSS intervention process.  More information is available on the ND Department of Public Instruction website.

    Are there additional resources?

    More information is available on the Fargo Public Schools website and the NDMTSS website.