MTSS - A - Secondary Interventions

  • Secondary Interventions Image Read 180- a program designed for students whose reading achievement is below the proficient level. The goal of Read 180 is to address gags in students’ skills through the use of computer software, literature, and direct instruction in reading skills.

    System 44- a foundational reading program designed for personalized learning progression with explicit instruction that engages students in reading, writing, language, speaking, and listening.

    Reading Plus- a silent reading intervention that helps students gain proficiency in reading by improving comprehension, reading rate, and vocabulary.  "Reading Plus helps students transition from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ by building the unseen and unheard skills that make comprehension possible and learning inevitable."

    Math 180- a comprehensive mathematics program in which students receive engaging and adaptive software to support their learning and mathematical understandings along with direct instruction from highly-trained teachers that is designed to build students’ confidence and competence in mathematics.

    Informal Geometry - a year-long course where students encounter the geometry content covered in most high school courses. Students learn to clearly and logically state arguments without the use of the formal proof method.

    Block Courses - a year-long, two-period course designed for the improvement of content-specific skills and strategies.

    Individualized Learning Center (ILC)- a semester or year long course supporting students in a structured setting to complete regular class work with assistance on individualized skills such as note taking, test taking, time management, self-advocacy, and organization.

    Schools may use a combination of the above interventions, in addition to other building-specific programs, to meet students needs.

    Additional information regarding Fargo Public Schools course descriptions can be found in the Program of Studies.