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  • The Fargo Public Schools Coaches Council sponsors the "42 Club" as a recognition program to honor outstanding athletes. Research has shown that students who actively engage in more than one sport suffer less from burnout, have fewer overuse injuries, and have a higher level of satisfaction while participating than high school athletes who specialize in only one sport.

    42 Club Members Requirements:

    • Participated in at least two (2) athletic sport programs in all four years of their high school careers

    • Ended all seasons in good standing

    • Have not received any violations during grades 9-12 (per FPS regulations)

    • Have been academically eligible during all seasons they participated in the sports

    The Fargo Public Schools Coaches Council would like to congratulate the graduated FPS athletes who participated in two or more sanctioned sports during their four high school years at Davies, North, and South High Schools. 

    For a full listing of previous 42-43 Club Members click on the icons above.

Class of 2021

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