Ballot Question

  • On Tuesday, March 7, 2017, Fargo Public Schools will hold an election for approval of a specified mill levy.  The approval would grant Fargo Public Schools the authority to maintain its current standard of effort at 127.00 mills.  

    Fargo citizens who live in the Fargo School District are eligible to vote in this election. The March 7, 2017 election ballot question is:

    The current Fargo Public School District’s general fund levy is 127.00 mills. The current statutory general fund limitation is seventy mills on the dollar of the taxable valuation of the school district.

    Shall Fargo Public Schools District No. 1 have a specified general fund mill levy of 127.00 mills effective December 31, 2017?

    A “YES” vote will allow Fargo Public Schools to receive tax dollars based on the true assessed value of individual property.  This will allow FPS to continue to provide quality educational opportunities for all students in the district.

    A “NO” vote will freeze Fargo Public Schools at the actual property tax dollars collected in the 2015-16 fiscal year, which means the district would no longer receive additional general fund tax dollars based on the true assessed value of individual property as the city grows or property values change.