What is Reading Recovery?

  • Reading Recovery is a short-term, individualized early intervention to help first grade children in developing effective strategies for reading and writing and to reach average levels of classroom performance. The goal of Reading Recovery is to help children become successful readers and writers. Reading Recovery provides intensive, daily one-to-one individualized instruction.

    How does Reading Recovery meet the needs of individual students?

    To get results, the teacher must work with the particular response repertoire of a child using what that child knows as the context within which to introduce him or her to novel things. In all education systems some children do not learn well among other children in their first classroom groups but respond to individual instruction tailor made for them.  Reading Recovery teachers adapt each lesson to the child’s needs. 

    Reading Recovery instruction is based on detailed observations of the child as a reader and writer over time. Therefore, the teacher works from the child’s strengths and does not waste time teaching the child something already known, which suggests that the quantity, quality, and intensity of literacy instruction needed for every child to become literate will differ. Furthermore, struggling children need explicit, individual, intensive instruction early to meet their individual learning needs and pace of learning.