Even Start - Family Literacy



    During the school closure due to COVID-19 pandemic, new stuent enrollment is suspended until further notice.

    Resources are available for prospective students.  Call 701-446-2807 for more information.


    Learning Opportunities for Enrolled Students:

    Classes are offered between the following times for enrolled students:

    Daytime:  Monday-Thursday   8:30 am-11:00 am and 12:30 pm-2:30 pm

    Teacher Virtual Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 2:00 pm-3:00 pm


    Distance Learning Classes through Zoom Virtual Classroom sessions, Print Based Resources, Phone Based Resources, Distance Learning Videos, Parent Education Resources, Parent and Child Togetherness Time Activities.


    The Even Start Family Literacy program provides educational opportunities children birth through age 5 during the school year and up to age 7 in the summer school session.  This program is a partnership between Fargo Public Schools and the United Way. Children can engage in age appropriate learning opportunities to gain kindergarten readiness skills while their parents are attending GED or EL classes at the Fargo Adult Learning Center.  There is also a Family Classroom to support teen parents enrolled in Woodrow Wilson High School. 

    Parent Education Classes occur weekly in the morning or afternoon sessions.

    Parent and Child Together Time promote interactive literacy activities between parents and children.

    Home Visits provide an opportunity for the staff and families to integrate literacy in to their home environments. 


    Even Start Registration:
    Advanced registration is required for Even Start and a parent must be attending GED or ELL while their child is enrolled in Even Start.  To be placed on the waiting list please call 446-2807.


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