Book Report Policy

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    My policy on book reports is that each student should be able to read at least one book per month. They should choose a book based upon their own personal reading ability, but I would like to see them challenge themselves. They may read these books during free time at school, at home, on trips, weekends, etc.
    What kinds of books should they read?

    Each month represents a different genre or category.
    They are as follows:

    • September- Adventure
    • October- Biography/Autobiography
    • November/December- Fantasy/Science Fiction
    • January- Mystery
    • February- Historical Fiction
    • March- Sports
    • April- Non-fiction
    • May- Book of choice!

    Is it alright if my child reads ahead?

    Absolutely! In fact, each time they make it through the eight-book cycle they earn 500 bonus seals. Seals are kind of like their classroom money that they use for auctions.
    What should their report look like?

    Their report should be at least a three-paragraph summary of the selection. It should be written neatly with limited spelling errors. Students may type the report or it may be handwritten. Typed reports may be only half a page in length if it is single-spaced.
    May my child create a diorama, advertisement, movie poster, etc. instead of a written/typed report?

    I would like a written/typed report for their first four reports. If they have done an adequate job on those reports then they may do something more creative like a diorama for future reports. They will be required to give me a brief oral report on their diorama/poster to demonstrate comprehension of the selection.
    Why are November and December combined as one month when it comes to the book reports?

    Because I'm a nice guy. I realize that these months are not only short of school days because of holidays and conferences, but they are also months when people leave town and/or have company. I know this is a hectic time of year so I cut the kids a little break!