• 1. ALWAYS be practicing those BASIC FACTS (+, - , x , and /) with flash cards or games.

    2. SPLASHMATH! Code is: HVRMJH   *Try to do as many SPLASHMATH ACTIVITIES as you can in your free time!






















Language Arts

  • 1. SEPTEMBER BOOK REPORT (Adventure) is due by FRIDAY, September 29. 

    2. READWORKS! Class Code: 3SMWQ3       










































  • For our 4th grade science curriculum, we will begin a new program through National Geographic involving many hands-on activities. 

Social Studies

  • For our 4th grade social studies curriculum we will focus mainly on North Dakota history and wildlife. We also will study the regions of the United States. Our North Dakota unit involves many hands-on lessons as well as educational films from United Streaming and other sources. To learn about the different regions of the U.S. the students will create a wall-sized map of our country and will work in groups to study each individual region. We will also publish a book about North Dakota called "N is for North Dakota" this spring! 


  • 1. HOMEWORK!

    The students should be reading their independent "trucking book" for at least 20 minutes each day after school. They will have at least one book report due at the end of each month (November and December are combined). There are also many useful links on our classroom's website like Splashmath, Multiplication Games, Readworks, Keyboarding, and others that the children can use to supplement their instruction. Please contact Mr. Seeba if you have any questions about homework.

    2. We will fill out PLANNERS every THURSDAY. The kids should bring them home, get them signed, and then bring them back to school on FRIDAY.