Speech/Language Therapy

  • Speech Children eligible for speech services may recieve these services free of charge through the Fargo Public Schools. The amount of services offered is based on the individual needs of the child and may include individual speech/language therapy, therapy within a group, or therapy within the classroom setting. Speech therapists focus on the development of receptive and expressive language as well as specific sound development as needed. Click here for more information regarding typical speech development.

Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational Children exhibiting delays in the development of fine motor skills may qualify for services from an occupational therapist. These services are provided by an Occupational Therapist-Registered, or a Certified Occupational Therapist within individual, group, or classroom settings. Occupational therapy focuses on the development of fine motor skills such as writing, dressing skills, muscle strength and control.

Physical Therapy

  • Physical Children exhibiting delays in the gross motor area may require services from a physical therapist. School physical therapy focuses on a child's ability to move as independently as possible in the school environment and participate in classroom activities. Physical therapy interventions are designed to enable the student to travel throughout the school environment, participate in classroom activities, maintain and change positions in the classroom, as well as manage stairs, restrooms, and the cafeteria.

ECSE Paraprofessionals

  • paras Paraprofessionals are utilized within each ECSE classroom. These paraprofessionals support the learning of each student in the classroom. There is typically one paraprofessional in each classroom, depending on the number of children in the class and the unique learning needs of the children within the class.


  • Bus Transportation service is available to children who qualify for Early Childhood Special Education and reside with the Fargo Public Schools boundaries. Transportation will be provided unless a child's daycare setting is outside the school's boundaries (i.e. West Fargo or Moorhead). If this should occur, parent's would be responsible for transporting their child. The Transportation Coordinator for the district can be reached at 701-446-1016.