Parents (Theatre/Technical/Pit)

  • Updated Tempest Needs and Info:

    • Headshots for all cast, crew, and pit will be taken on March 1 (this Friday) after school. At that time students will also be reminded to fill out their biography form. Please help to support this process. We need all the students to cooperate with the photographer and the assistant directors.
    • Reminder the shirt order deadline has come and gone. Please reach out to Mrs. Saari ASAP if you have concerns about your shirt order.
    • Parents (Theatre/Tech/Pit) - Even if you will not be contributing to the Rehearsal/tech meals all parents are asked to submit the Informational form in the packet. We need one form from each student to track who we are feeding. Rehearsal/Tech Meals Info Packet - Parents Need one for your child
    • Parents (Theatre/Tech/Pit) - Please consider signing up to either bring food or contribute funds so that we can successfully feed all the students and staff on those long Rehearsal/tech days. Watch for an email to sign up.
    • Parents - (Pit/Theatre/Tech) Help with distributing posters around town and promoting the show will be needed when we get back from Spring Break. Please plan on helping if you are able. Watch for an email on how to volunteer.
    • All actors in The Tempest need to provide the following items: 
      • Black Jazz Shoes
      • Black Character Shoes (female characters only)
      • Black or Brown Belt (male characters only)
      • Optional but encouraged: A pouch of hygiene items to keep in their cubby (deodorant, body sprays, etc.)
      • Undergarments
        • Males - White Tank Undershirt, Thin Black Socks
        • Females - Skin Tone Leotard with thin or clear straps 


    Lastly, thank you so much for all your efforts to support your children and this program. We enjoy working with such talented kids. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you and your children throughout the rest of the year. 

    Thank you for supporting Davies Theatre!

    Rebecca Saari


Parent Information

  • 2023-24 Davies Theatre Proud Eagle Parent Council Positions

    Director:  Rebecca Saari -

    Technical Director:  Brian Lynch

    Lead Parent:  Liz Hannig

    Treasurer/Secretary:  Heidi Meline

    Box Office:  (volunteer needed 2023-24)

    Concessions:  Lisa Rilling-Frandsen and Jill Foote

    Silent Auction:  Kelly Wanzek

    Website Coordinator:  Audrey Aberle

    Publicity/Marketing:  Shelly Gompf

    Tech Meals:  Shara Diers and Pam Grothman

    Flower Sales:  Erica and Lori

    Lobby Display:  Shelly Gompf

    Head Shots/Student Biographies:  Kym Gilman and Shelly Gompf

    Programs: Audrey Aberle

    Poster Distribution:  Shelly Gompf

    Banners:  Shelly Gompf

    Gifts:  Heidi Meline

    Costumer: Sandy Theil

    Seamstress:  Anne Stevens


    If there are any areas that you would like to assist with, please contact Liz Hannig at


    Please consider volunteering.  Thank you to all the existing and future parent volunteers!

Your Student's Participation Eligibility

  • In order for students to participate in Rehearsals and Performances, they must meet these critieria:

    Standard Eligibility Rules for participation in Davies Activities:

    • A student must attend a full day of school in order to perform or attend a rehearsal.
    • Scholastic eligibility: A high school student shall be doing passing work in at least twenty hours per week, with the passing grade to be computed at the end of the first and third quarter grading periods in addition to each semester grading period.
      • It should be noted that administration checks the grades the week of performances to be sure all of our students are on track and eligible to participate.
    • Disciplinary Eligibility:  Students who engage in acts that require disciplinary action may not be able to audition, practice, or perform depending on the severity of the incident.
      • Any participant who receives an out-of-school suspension or expulsion shall be ineligible for participation, including practices, during the period of suspension or expulsion. Participants shall be eligible to participate when they are readmitted to school.
      • Any issue regarding courts or police action will carry a 6-18 week penalty which allows practices but no performances.


    If your student meets the eligibility rules for participation, their hours as volunteers, crew, or cast members can count towards lettering in Theatre. The follow spreadsheet can be used to track their hours and determine how close they are toward this goal.

    Standard lettering form Davies Theatre

  • Is it that time of year...? If you think you have possibly lettered in Theatre at Davies High, you need to come in and visit with Saari sometime soon.  We have a lettereing document for Davies High School that is easy to follow that you will need to fill out.  Lettering is based on a point system that measures level of participation and time commitment in the program.  Your points roll over from year to year.  If you ahve already lettered in Theatre, you could still be eligible for another letter.

    All lettering information needs to be turned into Saari by April 30th in order to be processed for awards.

    Lettering Form (paper copy): The form may be picked up from Saari anytime.

    Lettering Form link online: The form can be found on the Davies Theatre Website on the Parent Information Page.