Cabaret Night

  • What is a Cabaret Performance? Think jazzy nightclub! Traditionally a cabaret was a European staple for poets, artists, to share ideas. Known for its artsy atmosphere, artists used the venue to test their material and audiences came to see the up and comers. As the cabaret scene grew the performances developed from poetry readings and solo acts to more decadent floor shows; but always keeping the stylized feeling new, different, and edgy. Nowadays, one may lilken cabarets to modern day coffee houses, comedy clubs, or any other intimate place artists commune and perform.

    Cabaret Night

    Performs One Night Only

    September 24th, 2015 7:30 pm

    Admission:  $5

    Cabaret Big Band Song List

    Big Band Leader (MC)

    Carter Ridl

    Act 1

    Sing Sing Sing (Saari)

    Group Dance Number


    Lexi B, Amanda P, Cameron B, Brendan L, Katie H, Lauren E, Caleb S, David M, Sara D, Jaylen R, Alex D

    Mr. Bojangles (Saari)

    Brendan L.

    Over The Rainbow (Bryce)

    Megan F

    Baby It’s Cold Outside(Bryce)

    Kenyon and Amanda

    They Can’t Take That Away From Me (Saari)

    David and Alyssa

    Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend (Saari)

    Amanda P, Lauren E, Izzy, Katie H, Emma G, Alyssa N, Megan F, Bryce T

    Act 2

    Charlie Chaplin on the Beach (Bryce)

    Sam S, Lexi B, Will T, Cole N, Carter R, Emily A, Favor C, Kimmie, Nate D

    L – O – V – E (Bryce)

    Alyssa N

    Hallelujah (Saari)

    Izzy and Lauren

    Uptown Girl (Saari)

    Sam S, Zack R, David M, Cameron B, Brendan L, Kenyon K, Caleb S. Katie H

    Someone To Watch Over Me (Saari)

    Katie H

    Scene (Saari)

    Cole N and Will T

    It Don’t Mean A Thing (Bryce)

    David M

    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Saari)

    Izzy, Lauren, Emily S

    I Got Rhythm (Bryce)