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    Hello Davies Theatre People -

    Now that we have been informed of the school reentry plan it is also time to inform families of how
    Davies Theatre will operate. Brian and I have been laying out options for our necessary adjustments to
    our Theatre calendar. We have the following priorities:

    1. Adhere to all guidelines provided by the school district, building administration, state and health
    2. Keep all students and production staff safe and healthy.
    3. Allow ourselves to be creatively challenged by restrictions and events. We will proceed with
      optimism with the hope of learning and creating new ideas.
    4. Produce and perform a musical in some form if possible. (If preparing a musical remains too
      unsafe then Saari will choose another play to perform in its place)
    5. Maintain an active Theatre department even though we must function in smaller group settings.
      We hope to keep most of our events, though we will need to adjust sizes and spread opportunities

    The current expectations from FPS and Davies Administration regarding our activities are:

    • We will be allowed to rehearse and perform, with limitations, in levels 3 and 4. If we reach level 1
      or 2 then rehearsals will be cancelled until further notice.
    • Most rehearsals will take place in our usual spaces at Davies from 4-7. There will be a strict sign
      in process for every rehearsal. No use of door 22, all participants are to enter through the main
    • Tech week traditions and front of house activities during performances will have many changes
      that will be detailed later. Proud Eagle parents, we will need to set up a zoom meeting to discuss
      how to prepare for these changes.
    • Masks will be worn by all participants.
    • Distancing needs to be worked into our blocking, backstage/booth work and performances.
    • Small group rehearsals and work sessions are necessary in each space. We must keep the number
      of people in any given space minimal.
    • We need to create small, consistent work groups to allow for cohort grouping. If we can be sure to
      be around the same small group of people when working on our events then it will be safer for all.
      These cohort groups will be assigned based on casting and crew assignments by Saari and Brian.
    • Documentation and control of cohort groups is essential for each rehearsal and work session. All
      participants must be checked in and their locations documented to assist in any contact tracing if a
      student or staff member should test positive.
    • It is everyone's responsibility to make smart choices in order for FPS activities to continue.
    • Health awareness - we are all expected to adhere to health standards which includes monitoring
      our own temperatures regularly and not attending if we have any of the following:
      • Fever
      • Cough
      • Cold Like Symptoms
      • Body Aches
      • Sore Throat
      • Diarrhea

    Below you will find a revised calendar for our events for 2020 - 21. Currently, we assume that the
    second semester will be more normal, but that is not at all guaranteed and may need to be reworked
    eventually. Please be aware of 2 important details:

    1. These plans are completely contingent on the district and Mr. Cody’s approval as we proceed
      through the school year. Details are changing daily. It is possible that activities will not be
      allowed at any time and we must be prepared for that possibility.
    2. Before any events begin we will have a zoom meeting to discuss, in detail, the new safety and
      health procedures that will be expected of everyone. If you have questions write them down and
      ask them at that time.

    Lastly, please be patient with us as we try to work within the current climate. We welcome questions and
    understand if anyone chooses to limit their participation. Everyone must make decisions based on their
    own comfort and needs.

    Davies Theatre Department
    Performances/Auditions/Tech 2020-21

    Adjusted schedule due to COVID