Career Guidance

  • Career Development services are directed at providing all students with career awareness, self-development and career decision-making must be an integral part of a student's educational experience. It is through these experiences that we will help students to learn, think, consider and make realistic decisions about their future work, college, and career opportunities. Career Advisors work collaboratively with school counselors to support career guidance activities grades 9-12. The following services reflect the philosophy for career development.

    It is the objective of our high school Career Advisors to provide:

    • To help students explore and understand their interests, abilities, aptitudes, and work values.
    • To encourage students to develop a realistic attitude toward the dignity of all work and workers.
    • To help the student develop a realistic understanding of themselves in regards to decision-making and career alternatives.
    • To provide up-to-date occupational information to students concerning employment and labor market data.
    • To provide the opportunity for the student to become acquainted with a wide range of occupational and educational opportunities.
    • To promote opportunities and participation non-traditional fields.
    • To present information to assist individuals in making long-range educational and career plans from work to apprentice programs, along with two-year, four-year, and advanced degree programs.
    • To assist students with appropriate educational and occupational placement services.