Displaced Homemaker Program

  • What is a displaced homemaker?

    This program is offered to students enrolled in GED or EL classes.

    A displaced homemaker is someone who has worked primarily in the home providing unpaid services to their family and finds themselves without income due to divorce, separation, abandonment, or death or disability of a spouse.

    How can this program help?

    Moving from the role of homemaker to the workplace can be challenging.  But finding a job that is right for you and gaining your financial independence is also exciting.  The Displaced Homemakers Program can help you get started on your path to independence by:
    *  Building your basic skills such as reading, writing, computer and keyboard usage and driver's literacy.
    *  Helping you prepare to take your General Equivalency Development (GED) test.
    *  Providing English language instruction and help with citizenship preparation.
    *  Providing personal and employment counseling.
    *  Developing your interpersonal skills.
    *  Helping you with your job search, including training for resume writing and interview techniques.
    *  Helping you plan your career and develop job readiness.
    *  Referring you to other community services that can help you.
    *  Providing information about health care and health education.
    *  Training you in money management.
    *  Helping you explore your opportunities for higher education.
    *  Providing parenting information and skill building for you and early childhood education for your children through the Even Start Family Literacy program.

    Contact Information

    Fargo Adult Learning Center
    1305 9th Avenue S
    Fargo, ND 58103