English Learners (EL)

  • Heading: English Learners Program

    The Fargo Adult Learning Center offers a variety classes designed to help New Americans acquire English language skills.  Throughout each of the classes students are engaged in activities that build their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to prepare them for employment or post-secondary education or training. 

    EL Classes:
    Monday – Friday 8:30am -11:30pm
    Monday – Thursday 12:30-2:30pm
    Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-8:30pm

    EL Class Registration:
    Pre-registration is required before attending ELL classes. 

    Please call 701-446-2807 to make an appointment.  During that appointment you will take a Best Plus test.  This is a speaking test that will help determine the appropriate class. Each appointment lasts about 25 minutes.

    EL Registration Appointments:
    Monday through Thursday at specific times. 


    *additional appointments available as needed