Team Rules

    1. Academics - The athletes will follow the Fargo Public Schools policy for academic eligibility in extra curricular activities due to academics.


    1. Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco Use - The athletes will follow the Fargo Public Schools policy on illegal substance use.  Any illegal substance use will not be tolerated.


    1. Attendance and Punctuality - Players will show up on time to all practices and games.  The only reasons for a player being absent or tardy will be due to academics, family, or health.  In these cases, the player needs to contact one of the coaches before the fact.  The coaching staff on an individual basis will address any problems with attendance or punctuality.  If you are sick, you need to contact one of the coaches.  Do not pass it on to a teammate.


    1. On Field Behavior - Players will respect parents, coaches and officials.  The coaching staff will immediately deal with any behavior that shows disrespect.


    1. Off Field Behavior - All players will conduct themselves as gentlemen and know they are representing themselves, their family, their community, and their school.


    1. Dress Code - Players will come to the game dressed in uniform.  Players will not dress in the dugout.  There will be no earrings or piercings that are visibly worn during practice or a game. 


    1. Curfew - A curfew could be enforced at anytime during the season if the coaching staff deems it feasible.

    Our goal as a coaching staff is not only to win and teach the fundamentals of baseball, but to also teach our players to respect one another and take responsibility for their actions on and off the field.