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    There are many family attractions in Medora, North Dakota. They include many restaurants, shops, a shooting gallery, museum , and the Medora Musical. Medora is located in western North Dakota, in the Badlands. The town of Medora was named by the Marquis de Mores after his wife, Medora. For more information go to



  • Badlands The North Dakota Badlands were established by congress in 1947 as what is now called Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Sculpted by nature for more than 5 million years into an infinite valley of buttes, tablelands, valleys, and gorges, it is a sight to behold. The Badlands rugged topography is one of the scenic wonders of the West. Theodore Roosevelt National Park was named after our twenty-sixth president. The Badlands are formed in an elevated area that has been severely eroded and incised with gullies. The Badlands lack a protective vegetation and occasional rainfall will form runoff gullies. The term Badlands was first used for a region of the Great Plains. Two protected areas of the Badlands remain in their natural state. The Badlands National Monument covers 985 sq km; fossil remains of the saber-toothed cat, the three-toed horse, and other early mammal fossils have been found there. Reptile and bird fossils have been found there too. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park covers 285 sq km of the Badlands. Little vegetation or animal life exists, but the beautiful scenery draws many tourists every year. For more information go to


  • Bonanzaville Bonanzaville is a self contained city consisting of 42 museums from the past century and a half. It is run by the Cass County Historical Society. It features one of the finest Native American displays in the Upper Midwest. There are antique cars, farm machinery, old buildings, and horse drawn vehicles. There are airplanes that date back to 1911. You can visit Bonanzaville from May 1 to October 31 in West Fargo, ND. For more information go to

Peace Gardens

  • Peace Gardens The 2,339 acre International Peace Garden Gardens is a symbol of 150 years of peace between the two nations of Canada and the United States. For more information go to

The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm

  • Yunker Farm It's not really a farm. It's more than a museum. The displays The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm are built to involve children in demonstrations, hands on experiments and one fascinating project after another. It's located in Fargo. For more information go to

P is for Peace Garden: A North Dakota Alphabet

  • Peace For a quick tour of North Dakota from the comfort of you living room, check out the book P is for Peace Garden: A North Dakota Alphabet, by Roxane B. Salonen, Sleeping Bear Press. "From the acres of agriculture to the many wildlife refuges, North Dakota is rich with history, famous people, and inviting landscapes. This book offers readers of all ages a guided A-Z tour through our state.