South High School Profile

  • 2021-22 South High Profile



    “Home of the Bruins”

    1840 15th Avenue South, Fargo, ND  58103

    Tel:  701-446-2000       Fax: 701-446-2399

    CEEB Code:  350-565



    Dr. Todd Bertsch, Principal

    Mrs. Greta Evenson, Assistant Principal (A-K)

    Dr. Shannon Mortrud, Assistant Principal (L-Z)

    Mr. Michael Beaton, Activities Director


    Ms. Laurie Schlenker (A-G)

    Mrs. Vanessa Boehm (J-Q)

    Ms. Adrienne Eider (H-I, R-Z)


    South High School is one of three comprehensive public high schools in Fargo, serving grades 9-12 in the central portion of the district.  South High School opened in 1967 after a fire in 1966 destroyed Central High School.  Current enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is: 

    Grade 9              303

    Grade 10            215

    Grade 11            206

    Grade 12             204

    TOTAL                928

    Other notations on a transcript may include: # = Modified curriculum; @ = Retaken course          

    Transcripts will display both weighted and un-weighted cumulative GPA and class rank.  Class rank is calculated based on cumulative GPA for all students.  Only AP and Dual Credit courses are included in the weighted GPA, receiving an extra point (ie. A = 5.00) for grades of A, B, or C.  Classes with S/U grading are not included in the GPA.


    Advanced Placement (AP) Course Offerings

    Biology                                     Calculus AB                                          Chemistry                    

    Computer Science                     English Language and Composition            English Literature and Composition

    European History                      Government and Politics:  US                Human Geography

    Macroeconomics                       Microeconomics                                    Physics 1

    Psychology                               Statistics                                               Studio Art:  2-D Design             

    Studio Art:  3-D Design              Studio Art:  Drawing                               United States History                


    Honors Course Offerings

    Honors English 1                       Honors English 2


    Dual Credit/Early Entry Course Offerings

    AP Macroeconomics                  AP Government and Politics:  US           AP Chemistry

    AP Microeconomics                   AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based                 AP Psychology

    AP US History                           Anatomy/Physiology                              CISCO I

    IT Essentials 1 & 2                    Medical Terminology                              AP Statistics

    Manufacturing 1                        Manufacturing 3                                    Intro to Education


    Class of 2021

    ACT Results:                                         Composite: 20.7

    National Merit Semi-finalists:  3              National Merit Finalists:  2

    Post-Secondary Plans:  4-year College:  61%     2-year/Technical College:  22%     Military:  4%

    More than 82% of the student body reports participation in at least one extracurricular or co-curricular activity