2022-23 Registration

Four Year Academic Plans

  • Parents and students can request to meet with a school counselor annually to review, discuss, and revise four year academic plans for graduation. Parents can call the counseling office at 446-5616 for an appointment, or students can come to the counseling office to set up a time. 

    Counselors periodically review all students' four-year plans:

    • 8th Grade Conferences in January/February of 8th grade
    • 10th Grade Conferences throughout the second semester of 10th grade
    • Senior Conferences in the fall of senior year

    In addition, students will fill out a four-year plan in Health class as freshmen.

    Each year, students will also receive their transcripts and a credit count form during the registration process, giving them the opportunity to track their own progress.

Typical Four-Year Classes

  • Your typical 4-year required classes include the following:

    • 9th Grade:
      • English 1
      • Math Choice*
      • Physical Science
      • World Cultures
      • Fitness for Life
      • Health
    • 10th Grade:
      • English 2/Honors English
      • Math Choice*
      • Biology
      • Western Civ./AP European History
      • PE 2
    • 11th Grade:
      • English 3/AP Language and Composition
      • Math Choice*
      • Chemistry
      • US History/AP US History
      • PE Elective
    • 12th Grade:
      • English 4/AP Lit and Composition
      • Economics/AP Macroecon/AP Microecon
      • Government/AP Gov

*Math Pathways

  • Your math pathway may differ from other students in your grade! The typical pathway is as follows:

    • 9th Grade: Algebra 1
    • 10th Grade: Geometry
    • 11th Grade: Algebra 2

    However, you may begin taking high school math in middle school, but you will still follow the same path. OR, your path may begin with Pre-Algebra in the 9th grade:

    • 9th Grade: Pre-algebra
    • 10th Grade: Block Algebra 1
    • 11th Grade: Informal Geometry

    Other Options for your math pathway may inlcude the following:

    • Block Algebra 1
    • Geometry or Informal Geometry
    • Math in Action, Algebra 2, or Block Algebra 2

    Your counselor, principal, and/or math teacher will be involved in helping you choose the math pathway that is right for you!