Study Skills

  • Success in school doesn't just happen. It requires a commitment on the part of the student to do what is required in the classes. One of the major factors in low grades is not putting in the time needed to complete the required assignments.

Study Skills at Home

  • Books

    • Have a quiet well lit spot.
    • Declare there's never a no-homework day.
    • Use study time effectively.
    • Continually review information you need for tests.
    • Get homework in on time.

Study Skills in the Classroom

  • Books

    • Take notes on what the teacher is saying.
    • Ask to move to a seat where you are not distracted.
    • Participate in class discussions.

Test Preparation

  • Test

    • Continually review material you will need to know.
    • Study for the test several days before the test.
    • The night before the test should be used to review, not learn, what you need for the test.
    •  If you experience anxiety even when you've prepared for a test, talk to your school counselor for relaxation techniques.