Classroom Lesson Activities

  • Each grade level is introduced to a number of activities based on the Fargo Public Schools standards in the areas of career and personal/social, and academic.

    Students will explore various careers and determine what planning it takes to achieve their career goals.

    Counselors will meet with students in a classroom setting to assist and help them meet their goals. 

Classroom Guidance Topics

  • Grade 6

    • Time Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Social Media 
    • Career Clusters  

    Grade 7

    • Motivation
    • Social Media
    • Stress Management
    • RU Ready survey  
    • What are employers really looking for?  
    • Careers on Wheels   

    Grade 8

    • Identity 
    • Social Media
    • Career Planning /Setting Goals   
    • RU Ready survey
    • 4 year planning for high school
    • Individual conferences for high school registration

North Dakota 16 Career Clusters