Course Selection/Registration

  • Parents/guardians of all Fargo Public Schools students will complete their children’s annual registration forms and make fee payments online. Access to these online forms and fee payments will be through the Fargo Schools PowerSchool site. It is very important that all families have access to a PowerSchool account.
    If you have previously created a PowerSchool account for a middle or high school child, you need to add any elementary children to your existing PowerSchool parent account. You do not need to create an account for each child. In addition to online registration forms, PowerSchool gives parents access to their child’s attendance records and lunch account balance, and access to their middle and high school child’s daily assignments and current grades (these last two features are not available for elementary students).

    If you have questions, please contact Nona at 446-3611.

Grade 8 Course Selections

  • English
    Math 8 or Algebra
    American History
    Earth Science
    Physical Education
    Band and Sectional

    Choir and Voice Tech.

    Orchestra and Sectional
    Family and Consumer Science
    Visual Art
    Exploring Careers


Grade 7 Course Selections

  • Required courses: English, Math 7 or Pre-Algebra, Geography, Life Science, Physical Education

    Exploratory rotation courses: World Language Survey, STEM, Health, Creative Dramatics

    Elective courses: Choir and Voice Tech, Band and Sectional, Orchestra and Sectional, Visual Art 

Grade 6 Course Selections

  • Language Arts
    Social Studies
    Physical Education
    Family & Consumer Science