Carl Ben Eielson Counseling Center

  • Carl Ben Eielson Counseling Vision Statement:

    The vision of the Carl Ben Eielson Middle School counseling program is that all students will become respectful and responsible members of society. Our students will be empowered with the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to attain life-long academic and career success. They understand the importance of relationships and are prepared to engage in positive interactions between members of a diverse and global society. Our students will approach life’s challenges with resilience and a growth mindset.

    Carl Ben Eielson Counseling Mission Statement:

    The school counseling program at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School empowers all students to succeed through academic growth, social/emotional development and career awareness. Students will become empathetic, engaged and respectful members of our school and community through the implementation of the comprehensive school counseling program. The school counseling department, with colleagues and other stakeholders, advocates for equity, access and student success while encouraging self-advocacy and accountability for all students.


  • Johnson  Curt Johnson





Counselor H-N

  • 2020-2021

     Krista Ronnevik



Counselor A-G

  • Johnson  Rachel Johnson





Counselor O-Z

  • 2020-2021  Kylie Wallman