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Designed to significantly reduce the number of students’ personal property items stolen each year, the Fargo Public Schools, in collaboration with the Fargo Police Department SRO Program, launched the database MY STUFF. The database is intended for all students and school district employees to enter and store the serial numbers of their electronic items and other personal valuables such as I-Pods and cell phones. 

The MY STUFF program was conceptualized by a member of the School Resource Officer team after an article on a similar system was introduced in a popular law  enforcement magazine.  Representatives from the Fargo School District worked with the SRO program to design an online tool which can be easily accessed through the log-in portal on the Fargo School District’s website.

After an individual has registered their device, and the device is lost of stolen, the participant will be able to log in and change the status.  If the device is reported stolen the SRO is receives an email.  Subsequently, the SRO officers also have the ability search the database by serial number and/or participant name.  Ultimately the database will be available to Fargo Police detectives as well as to other police agencies in the metro area to use for investigative purposes. 

The designed graphics used in the campaign posters and magnets are the product of Raquel Wellentin, a yearbook student at Fargo South High School.  

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