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Boundary Maps 

At the March 24, 2015 meeting, the Fargo School Board approved changes to the secondary school attendance boundaries for implementation in the 2016-17 school year.  As Fargo grows and changes, enrollment is declining at our north side secondary schools and reaching capacity at the south side secondary schools.  Enrollment projections show the south side schools will reach or exceed capacity within the next five years.  Therefore, a shift in boundaries at the secondary level is needed to maintain equitable academic programming at all secondary schools.  To read the full boundary implementation plan approved by the School Board, click here.

The boundary changes are as follows (click to enlarge):


Have questions regarding these changes?  Read the Frequently Asked Questions document regarding the secondary school boundary changes. 

Boundary Maps - Locate Your School
(Based on your address, boundaries are subject to change)

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  • To see the 2015-2016 elementary boundaries, click the 2015-2016 check box on the lower left hand side.  Then click on the pin point on the selected address on the map.  The 2015-16 elementary school will appear.
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  • If a box appears and the only information shown is the adress you selected, that means the address is not located in the Fargo School District boundaries, even if it is in the City of Fargo. You will need to call the West Fargo School District at 356-2000.