Classroom Guidance Acitivities

Each grade level is introduced to a number of activities based on the Fargo Public Schools standards.

Students will explore various careers and determine what planning it takes to achieve their career goals.

Counselors will meet with students in a classroom setting to assist and help them meet their goals.

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pptx File 5th_grade_2015-transition_powerpoint.pptx
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7.40 MB 05/26/15
pdf File Dream Sheet Form
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36.50 Kb 09/26/13
doc File 2015-16_Career_Lesson_6th_grade.doc
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2.30 MB 11/17/15
pptx File 6th Grade Bully Curriculum
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574.95 Kb 10/11/11
docx File Multiple_Intelligences_Link_to_Assessment.docx
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12.93 Kb 09/04/14
docx File 7th_Grade_Teachers_Handbook_Career_Lessons.docx
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36.54 Kb 04/27/15
docx File 7th_Grade_Student_Booklet.docx
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34.77 Kb 05/14/14
pptx File 7th Grade Bully/Harassment Curriculum
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2.18 MB 10/11/11
doc File 7th Grade Learning Styles Lesson
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101.00 Kb 04/21/09
pptx File 8th_Grade_Career_Lesson_Power_Point_-2014.pptx
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2.14 MB 11/24/14
doc File Quick_Look_8th_Grade_Career_Lessons.doc
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35.00 Kb 01/05/15
docx File 2014-15 Teachers Booklet 8th Grade Career
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42.02 Kb 11/24/14
docx File RUReadyND_loginhelp_sheet.docx
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12.90 Kb 01/05/15
pdf File Goal Setting Form
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56.08 Kb 12/22/14
pdf File Fantasy Future Form
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58.54 Kb 09/26/13